The juxtaposition of images

These paintings reflect the happenstance of
seeing common everyday structures in a new
light. Compositionally, I crop down the image
to express the coming together of dramatic
lighting, the ethereal sky, and man-made
structure, as a statement itself on mankind’s
place in the universe. Do these structures
grow up from the ground, or do they come
down from the sky?

Hopefully my work will inspire viewers
to see the happenstantial structures around them
with new eyes; moreover gaining a sense that in
life as we know it, ‘randomness’ does not really

Furthermore recognizing that wherever our place
in life be, as individuals we fit into a much larger
picture; an ordinary life lived more fully, more
consciously, makes it truly extra-ordinary. The
structures I create don’t just sit there-- stationary--
they reach up and kiss the sky!

XXXXXX— Joseph Guggino / January 2007

Of reflected light in office buildings, layered with rich, neutralized hues, and the dichotomy between ethereal clouds and hard lines in my ‘Skycorner’ series might seem ordinary, but they are all vital elements to studies of mankind’s place in a post-modern world;

The SkyCorner series’ are meditations on the nature of that reality. My motifs spring from a personal motto of mine: “in life, there aren’t any big things; only small things lived more fully.